Ingrid Husodo has dreamed becoming a fashion designer since she was a kid.

Without any family background in fashion industry, she dedicated herself to study in fashion major, worked very hard to fulfill her dream philosophy.

After graduating from Raffles College of Design and Commerce in Sydney, Australia, she started her career as one of Miss World Fashion Designer in 2013.

Afterwards, Ingrid Husodo established her own line and continuing her passion in fashion world. Her work has been acclaimed both national and international; she started her career in designing gown for several Miss World contestants in 2013, Antoinette Marie, Australian based fashion actress and blogger worn her gown in the Cannes Film Festival 2014.

Ingrid Husodo label specializing in conceptual ready to wear with signature digital printing in each collection, redirecting modern contemporary aesthetic in designs.

Ingrid Husodo now regularly participate in one of the most prestigious fashion events in Indonesia, Jakarta Fashion Week.

Moreover, she also takes part in several National events such as Surabaya Fashion Parade, Semarang Fashion Festival and many others.

In a short amount of time, Ingrid Husodo has been known in Indonesian fashion circle, TV and Magazines, such as Highend Magazines, Dewi Magazines, Femina Magazines, Harper’s Bazaar Magazines, Jawa Pos Newspaper, Liputan6, Fashion Channel Milano and The Wall Street Journal.

Ingrid Husodo label is now active in fashion circuits, have devoted following and it’s associated with the vanguard of style, quality and taste.
ingrid husodo
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